4 Ways To Deal With Anxiety While Waiting For Your Court Date

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Being arrested and waiting for a court date puts you in an extremely stressful situation. Because you won't know your fate until you are in court, it is important that you try to relax, even if it is difficult. Here are four tips for dealing with your anxiety as you wait.

Stay Away From the Internet

It is tempting, and very easy, to head to a search engine and start looking up cases similar to yours. You can also find discussion forums where you can discuss your case with others. However, it is critical that you avoid the internet.

For one thing, you may be compromising your case by discussing it online. Not only that, but you can become easily confused by the information you find. You may find erroneous information, or people might give you bad advice.

Instead, if you want to talk about your case, talk to your lawyer.

Cooperate with Your Lawyer

Your lawyer is the one person who can help you the most during this time. It is essential that you are honest with him, and that you give him all the information you can about what happened before your arrest.

If this is the first time you have been arrested, it is important that you also ask your lawyer what to expect in court. Will you be questioned? How should you phrase your answers? Those are the kinds of questions that will help prepare you for court. Being prepared will help cut down on anxiety levels as you wait.

Distract Yourself

It may seem impossible for you to think about anything other than your case, but worrying does not accomplish much and will not help you win your case. Distract yourself with activities that will not get you into further trouble. You can read, write or watch comedy films, or you might want to learn something new.

You can also talk with friends and family. However, make sure that the people you speak with are supportive of you; avoid toxic people who make you uneasy about your future.

Learn Breathing Exercises

When you are worried and tense, your breaths are shallow and quick. Consciously learn breathing exercises will calm you because you are taking slower, deeper breaths.

The easiest breathing exercise is to simply breath in for five seconds, hold it for five seconds, and breathe out for five seconds. After a few minutes, you will notice that you feel a little more relaxed. You can do breathing exercises today, and you can even use them in court.

Try each of the tips in this article to see which ones provide the most relief. When your day in court arrives, you will be ready.


8 July 2014

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