3 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Will

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It's not that difficult to prepare a will. In fact, you could write a will on a piece of paper and sign it, and it would be legal. There are, however, complications that often arise when people write their own wills and leave out vital information. Not only that, but some handwritten wills aren't easy to verify due to inconsistencies. To protect your last wishes, a lawyer such as Housecall Wills & Estates can help you get everything done right. There are three essential ways a probate lawyer can help you:

1. Your Final Wishes Will Be Written Thoroughly and Legally

All estate lawyers have template wills that are used to thoroughly write all of a client's final wishes out. These template documents help lawyers avoid missing any essential point a will should cover, and they contain all of the legal language that will keep your will legitimate in the eyes of the court. Your lawyer will also prepare a place for two witness signatures on the will to verify its legitimacy. You'll want to bring two witnesses to the meeting with your lawyer.

2. Your Will Can Be Registered

If you have concerns about your property going to the people you intend it to go to, your lawyer will register the will on your behalf. That means that the probate court can make details of your will known to the general public once you have passed away. You can also arrange to have your lawyer contact heirs and to distribute property on your behalf, which can be a more sure way of getting your property into the right hands.

3. Your Will Can Be Updated as Frequently as You Need

Adding amendments to your will is a lot easier if you have an estate lawyer handling all of your estate documents. If the first draft of your will was done when you were relatively young, you'll want to make adjustments as necessary. This is particularly true if you have children you want to add to your will or a spouse that wasn't previously on the will. You'll also want to update any changes to your property or assets that have occurred. Most lawyers save electronic copies of client's estate documents, so they can make the changes quickly and have you sign updated copies.

Protecting your assets for your heirs is important. When you get a lawyer involved, you won't have to worry about whether or not you've done things in a legal manner. Your property will be protected under the law, and all those people you have left things for will get them.


16 September 2014

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