A Closer Look At Being Charged With Credit Card Fraud In Canada

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Whether you had a momentary lapse of judgement and committed fraud using someone's credit card or you are truly innocent, being charged with credit card fraud in Canada is a serious offense. You could easily find yourself facing hefty fines and prison time with a mark on your criminal record that will not go away.

The first thing you should do if you are being accused is to contact criminal defense lawyers like Sicotte & Henry for help. Your lawyer can help you answer some of the questions about the process and make sure you get a fair trial. Here are a few of the most common queries and concerns about being charged with credit card fraud.

If you only used a cancelled card, is this considered fraud?

Using a cancelled card to obtain services under false pretenses is still a form of credit card fraud. In most cases, a cancelled card will be declined at the merchant at time of purchase. However, some merchants do not run credit cards as payment right away, or until well after the services have been rendered. Using a cancelled credit card could easily get you charged with fraudulent activity.

What are some of the penalties that go along with credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is punishable by fines, jail time, and probation. The severity of your punishment will be dependent upon the extent of the crime. For example, even using a cancelled or revoked credit card can lead you to a jail sentence of as much as ten years. Beyond the initial charges, you may be on probation after a sentence, have to pay restitution, and will be left with a criminal record affecting your ability to live a normal life.

Why are the penalties so harsh?

Credit card fraud is considered a serious offense because it is not a victimless crime. The person whose information has been stolen will be forced to reckon with the negative marks on their credit report and will be entitled to compensation and damages. This is a form of defrauding the public and is using false pretenses to your own financial advantage. You are taking something that is not rightfully yours, which is essentially the same as theft.

When it comes down to it, credit card fraud is a serious charge that will require you to have proper legal representation before the Crown. It is imperative that you find a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with this type of charge.


17 February 2015

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