Tips For Managing And Improving Your Credit

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There are many strategies that you can take to build up a poor credit history or to create a great credit history for the first time. Here are some favorite methods for improving your credit score. 

Opening Lines of Credit

Opening new lines of credit can be helpful for those who wish to build their score. One portion of your credit score has to do with the amount of credit you have access to, compared with the amount of credit you're actually using. If you are nervous about granting yourself more lines of credit, then find a low-risk source of credit, such as a department credit card or a bank credit card with a $500 limit. 

Paying Down Cards Strategically

You may not be able to pay down all of your credit cards immediately. However, there are a few rules that you can follow to choose which debts to pay. Focusing your attention on higher interest debts can be helpful, since those will accrue the most interest over time. However, you should also look at paying down debts that are small. Your credit score can be negatively affected when you have debts from many sources, even if the debts are small. If you have a $50 balance on one of your cards, prioritize this payment until you've cleared your balance. 

Stay Active About Managing Your Reports

You can also help yourself manage your credit scores by keeping a close eye on your credit scores and reports. Be sure to take a look at your credit report at least once a year to make sure there are no erroneous claims on your report. Also be sure that your contact information is accurate; you wouldn't want your account to be associated with someone else's debt simply because they listed the wrong phone number or address on your file. If you do find an error, be sure to report it to all of the major credit bureaus along with evidence to support your claim. 

Dealing with your credit can be a tricky thing, since there are so many rules that affect your score. If you have poor credit or a limited credit history, it can be a great help to talk with a credit expert. Many financial centers offer credit counseling for those who wish to create a more robust credit profile or those who wish to avoid bankruptcy. Through this service, you can develop a plan for improving your credit gradually.


22 July 2015

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