How To Avoid Delays With Receiving Your Car Registration Paperwork

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Registering your car and getting all of your necessary paperwork in a reasonable amount of time is important if you want to avoid breaking the law while driving your new vehicle. You could worry that there will be some sort of delay with receiving your car registration paperwork, but if you follow these tips, this is not something that you should have to worry about.

1. Bring in Proof of Your Address

When you register your new car, you will more than likely be asked for proof of your address at the registries. For example, you might need to bring in a utility bill that has both your name and address printed on it. If you bring in your proof of address, you will ensure that you are fully compliant with this rule. Plus, having something to copy your address off of can help ensure that the person who assists you with your car registration does not make any mistakes.

2. Take Your Time

It's easy to get in a hurry when you are just trying to hurry up and get out of the car registration office, but take your time when filling out your paperwork. Trying to write too quickly can result in you making mistakes when filling out your address and other information. Also, ask questions if you are unsure about anything that you are filling out; it is better to take the time to ask questions now than to fill out your paperwork incorrectly and cause a delay in receiving your registration paperwork.

3. Fill Out Everything Neatly

Even though you might be able to read your messy handwriting, not everyone can. This means that you need to take your time when filling out your paperwork to ensure that it is fully legible. You should also use a blue or black ink pen, since these can be easier to see than words that are written in pencil or colorful ink. If you make a mistake, ask for another form to fill out, or neatly draw a line though the error and write the correct information beside it as neatly as you can.

Getting your car registration paperwork as soon as possible is critical if you want to ensure that you are fully compliant with local car registration laws. Avoiding these three things, and going to a registry office as soon as possible after you purchase a car, can help you avoid a delay.


16 September 2015

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