3 Things You Need To Know To Help You Avoid Overpaying In Taxes

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With tax season fast approaching many people are wondering what they can do to save money on their taxes. If you constantly are owing money on your taxes each year, you should consider making some changes so that you don't get hit so hard when it comes tax season. Here are some things that you can do throughout the year to help you avoid owing money on your taxes.

1. Withhold More Throughout The Year

One of the biggest mistakes that people take when it comes to taxes is not paying enough throughout the year. If you are self-employed, you will determine how much you are going to withhold each month. This can be hard to determine since you don't know exactly how much you are going to make, so it can make it hard to know which tax bracket you will be in. In addition, those who are contracted employees can usually choose with their employer how much they want to withhold each month in taxes. Generally, if you can withhold more money each month, it increases the chance that come tax season you won't owe as much when tax season comes.

2. Be Careful About Taking Health Care Credits

If you are purchasing health care on your own and not receiving it from an employer, you will be given the option to take a tax credit. What happens is that the government assesses how many people are in your family and how much you make and then will reward you a tax credit to help keep your premium costs down. However, this is not just free money. If at the end of the year it is determined that you made more money than what you initially thought you would, you will have to pay back all of the credit that you received. For some people this can be thousands of dollars. Thus, even if you qualify for other credits and deductions, the penalty for the health care credit could be so large that you could still owe money.

3. Itemize Your Deductions

Lastly, the more deductions you can get, the more money you will save. Deductions are what help to bring down the amount that you owe. It is not money in your pocket, it simply lowers the amount of taxes that you will have to pay. So try to think of anything you have done throughout the year that can be deducted to help you save money. By doing these things you can protect your wallet come tax season. 


15 December 2016

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