Tips For Protecting Yourself During A Divorce

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Going through divorce proceedings can be one of the most challenging and frightening experiences of your life. There are steps that can be taken to protect yourself against the worst consequences of a divorce, but people will frequently neglect to take these steps to protect themselves.

Have Your Prenuptial Agreement Reviewed

The loss of one's most valuable or prized assets in a divorce can be one of the most frightening aspects of a marriage. To protect individuals against this risk, many individuals will have a prenuptial agreement made. When you have one of these agreements made, you will be able to clearly outline the way that the marriage assets will be distributed. Also, you will have an accounting of the assets that you had before the marriage, which can shield them from being claimed by the other spouse.

Prior to notifying your spouse of your desire for a divorce, you should have your prenuptial agreement thoroughly reviewed by your attorney. This will allow them to explain the protections and limitations of the prenuptial agreement as it relates to your current situation. Being armed with this information will allow you to know more of what to expect from divorcing, which can improve your decision-making abilities.

Keep Track Of Your Financial Records

In the weeks and months leading to you notifying your spouse that you are wanting a divorce, you should start reviewing the financial records of the marriage. There are some individuals that may attempt to steal assets when a divorce is occurring. Unfortunately, hiring a forensic accountant to track down these assets can be very expensive, and it may greatly increase the length of time your divorce will take. By preparing your marriage's financial records, you will be better able to spot sudden changes or lost assets once you have informed your spouse of the pending divorce proceedings.

Learn To Control And Focus Your Emotions

A divorce will usually be a very emotionally charged event. This can be particularly true when one spouse is not wanting the marriage to end as they may attempt to agitate or hurt their spouse as a way to get back at them. Unfortunately, this may involve baiting you into overreacting or otherwise incriminating yourself, which can weaken your negotiating position and legal arguments. As a result, you should make sure to concentrate on controlling your emotions when interacting with your spouse. If you find that it is not possible to have a civil conversation with your spouse, you should direct all communication through your attorney. In addition to helping to legally protect you, this can help to take much of the stress and work off of you as your divorce lawyer will be able to advise you before you respond to any questions or demands.


13 May 2017

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