Effectively Fighting A DUI Charge After Getting Pulled Over

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If you recently went to a restaurant or bar, and were pulled over during your ride home and found to have a higher alcohol content in your body than you believe, you are most likely concerned about any fines or jail time you will be awarded in a courtroom situation. There are a few steps you can take in trying to prove the procedures used to convict you of a DUI are not up to par, possibly minimizing any sentencing and the amount you will be responsible in paying as a result of your arrest. Here are some tips you can use if you find yourself dealing with a driving under the influence case.

Get Proof Regarding Whereabouts And The Actions You Took While There

Proving you were unable to consume an amount of alcohol leading to the blood alcohol content the police officer on the scene of the arrest claims may be helpful. Go back to the establishment to get receipts showing how much alcohol you had ordered in addition to any food bills you had paid. Find out if the bartender who had served you remembers your demeanor at the time of your visit and ask them to be on call to help in proving you were not legally over the level claimed by the police. If you drank minimally, their statement may make an impact on the outcome of your case.

Request Any Testing Material Used Is Evaluated For Proper Calibration

If the police officer who had pulled you over had you use a breathalyzer to determine the alcohol level you had at the time you were driving, it is important to challenge the status of the equipment. There is a chance it was not calibrated up to par or that too much time had passed since an inspection of the piece of equipment was conducted. The police station will need to provide proof in the reliability of the equipment. If this can not be determined, your case will most likely be reduced or thrown out altogether. Your attorney will put in a request for testing.

Get Witnesses And Documentation To Help In Showing You Were Being Responsible

If you were drinking in the presence of others, these witnesses can give testimonies in your behalf to show you were not partaking in excessive alcohol consumption. First-hand accounts from others who had noticed how many beverages you had consumed will aid in your behalf in showing your responsibility level. If you had eaten, the absorption rate of the alcohol into the body would have been decreased as well. Photographs of your time together with others, time stamps on receipts, and GPS information retained in your vehicle will all be analyzed to show the breakdown of your time out, perhaps helping you prove you were within legal limitations.

Regardless of what you do, contacting an effective DUI lawyer like those at Thomas & Associates, PC can help you during your defense.


29 May 2017

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