3 Reasons Real Time Transcription Services Can Benefit Lawyers

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Real time court reporting refers to the practice of typing and transferring text of what's said in court to computer screens within seconds of it happening. Multiple members of a legal team can access it simultaneously. During depositions, arbitrations, trials, hearings, or other important legal goings-on, lawyers, staff, and experts may benefit from access to real time transcription. Consider the following reasons to use real time transcription services.

Reason #1: It Provides Instant Access to Information on Your Case

The tedious wait for transcripts when they are needed in a very timely manner will be over with real time transcription services. It gives you and your team immediate access to information when you need it, and every member of the team can work with the same transcript. As a resource that offers up-to-the-minute updates that your team can instantly use, a lawyer at a remote location can share the benefit of their expertise on an issue that's mentioned or request clarification on a point that's made.

Reason #2: It Can Be Seamlessly Synchronized with Video Captures

The transcript that's created in real time can be synchronized with video as the court proceedings occur. Synchronized time codes can be used with the synchronization of real time prescription, which makes it easier to navigate to exact moments during playback or even as the trial is in progress. In fact, this integration can allow attorneys and other members of the team to best assess some aspects of testimony or unexpected events in court from even remote locations.

Reason #3: It Empowers You with Private Marking Capabilities

Using real time transcription services will enable the members of your legal team to make private notes alongside the testimony as it's happening. When things are going at a fast speed, this can allow you to easily make important notes and share split-second thoughts that you want to remember when going over the transcription later. Having everything in one place and simultaneously working from the same transcription as a team can increase convenience and efficiency.

Finally, keep in mind that real time transcription services can make all the difference. It can save you time and money as it can also help you represent your clients with even greater certainty. With all the numerous advantages of real time court reporting and its growing popularity, it's easy to see why attorneys and their clients appreciate how real time transcription services allow greater, easier access to important information exactly when it's needed. For more information, contact companies like Caliber Litigation Services.


25 July 2017

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