Three Ways To Clear Out A Civil Judgement Before Applying For New Credit

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When creditors check your credit report, they typically want to see many good things and as little bad a possible. If you have an old judgment from a civil court case that you have to pay, this could be a major reason why you are turned down for credit. Judgements are entered by courts so that you have to pay back an old debt. If you know that you will need credit soon but you are not sure what to do about the judgment, there is still time to clear it out. Here are some ways to clear out a judgment before it gets to garnishment or gets your new credit application denied. 

Ask if you can pay off the judgment with what you have

Often judges will order you to pay what you can afford when you have a judgment on your record. For some people, this can be a relatively small amount, especially if you are not making much money. If want to finish paying a judgment sooner, rather than later, save up as much as possible and ask for the company to write off your judgment with a lump sum.  Request that you pay off at least half of the judgment and the company who took out the judgment will submit to the court an order to remove the judgment.This will allow the company to get a larger amount of money up front, instead of waiting years for you to pay off the judgment little by little. 

Request a removal once paid

If you plan to pay off a judgment in the months before you are applying for new credit, you may be able to request that the judgment is removed from your record. Write to the owner of the judgment and explain that you are attempting to get your financial life in order and that you have made strides since taking responsibility for the debt. Sometimes writing to the creditor can yield good results, especially if you have paid off the debt. 

Ask for a removal and renegotiate

Though you may have a judgment on record and a set amount to pay each month, you can present the company with a better deal in order to get the judgment removed. Offer to pay a larger sum each month if the judgment is recalled and if you are able to just pay the collection with an agreement between you and the creditor. A deal like this will allow you to clear your civil judgment and offer the creditor more legging to set better monthly terms. 

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19 October 2017

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