Three Ways To Earn A Disorderly Conduct Arrest At A Sporting Event

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Peoples' behavior at sporting events can often get out of control, spurred on by the consumption of alcohol and the living atmosphere around them. In many cases, the event's security officers will escort fans out of the stadium because of bad behavior. In some scenarios, however, police officers who are on the scene may detain and arrest fans who have gone too far. One common charge that rowdy sports fans can earn is disorderly conduct — a charge that commonly encompasses a wide range of bad behavior. Make sure to contact a lawyer such as Roseline D. Feral Attorney at Law for help. Here are some behaviors that can lead to such a charge.

Fighting With Other Fans

Alcohol and a war of words with those who are cheering for the other team can often escalate into physical confrontations at sporting events. A quick search on YouTube will yield a seeming endless list of clips of fans fighting. Engaging in a physical confrontation with another fan, perhaps because your war of words has been escalating throughout the game, can lead to a disorderly conduct arrest. Of course, there's also a chance that this situation can lead to further charges, including assault.

Running Onto The Field

A combination of alcohol, dares from friends, and a desire to be infamous can sometimes compel fans to jump onto the field. These fans may be able to run around for several seconds before security and police officers chase them down, but will definitely be facing an arrest after their 15 seconds of fame. Police will commonly charge such individuals with disorderly conduct, given how they've trespassed onto an area that they should not be and interfered with the playing of the game.

Breaking Stadium Property

If you get really rowdy at a sporting event, it's possible that you'll maliciously cause damage to the stadium. One example that you may sometimes see at sporting events is people attempting to rip out the stadium's seats. Doing so isn't an easy task, but it can still happen on occasion. Other forms of damaging the stadium's property may include breaking a window, causing damage in the bathroom, and a multitude of other property crimes. Disorderly conduct will likely be one of the charges that you face in the wake of such an incident. If you've been arrested for disorderly conduct, one of your first steps should be to hire an attorney who specializes in misdemeanor crimes who can talk to you about your best legal options.


19 July 2018

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