Useful Knowledge For Those Facing Criminal Charges And Proceedings

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Criminal charges can be serious matters, and those facing these legal challenges will need to be informed and prepared. Otherwise, they could make mistakes that may result in expensive fines or even their freedoms.

Why Should An Innocent Person Retain A Defense Attorney?

Individuals that are innocent of a crime may assume that there is no need for them to hire a defense attorney as their innocence will be revealed during the investigation. However, this can be a major miscalculation as there can be other nefarious actions at play. For example, someone may have attempted to implicate you in a crime or the prosecutor may simply be aggressively pursuing your type of case, which can make them less likely to conduct an impartial investigation. A defense attorney can help to protect you against these imbalances so that your rights will be protected.

Is It Worth Hiring An Attorney If You Are Guilty Of The Crime You Are Charged With Committing?

Those that are sure of their guilt may simply assume that pleading guilty at their initial hearing is the best option. However, an attorney may be able to help these individuals in a variety of ways. One of the most common will be the attorney arguing for leniency given their client's lack of criminal history or other extenuating circumstances.

Should You Start A Social Media Campaign For The Defendant?

In the era of the internet, it can be common for individuals that are facing criminal proceedings to want to take their case to the public. Often, this will take the form of social media campaigns that are designed to raise awareness or help to pay for legal expenses. While these campaigns can be effective for some goals, they are not always advisable. In fact, some individuals can actually harm their case by the information that they reveal in these campaigns. Prior to undertaking anything of this sort, you should consult with an attorney.

Will The Defendant Have To Report To Jail If An Appeal Is Filed?

When a guilty conviction is rendered, individuals will often attempt to appeal their conviction. However, it should be noted that convicted individuals will typically be required to report to prison once the verdict is rendered. While it can be possible for a judge to allow for the defendant to remain free until their appeal is completed, this is on an individual basis and up to the discretion of the judge. Generally, this is reserved for defendants that may have chronic health problems or other serious issues.

For more information, speak to a lawyer with experience in criminal law.


12 December 2018

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