Why You Need The Help Of A Real Estate Lawyer When Buying A Home

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Are you in the process of buying a home and looking to save money? If so, you may have considered not using the help of a real estate lawyer to help save on your home buying expenses. This can be a bad choice that you end up paying for if a mistake is made along the way. Here are a few reasons to use the help of a real estate lawyer, like those at Barrett Twomey Broom Hughes & Hoke LLP, when purchasing a home.

Document Preparation

If this is your first time buying a home, you have no idea exactly how many documents need to be generated in order to buy a home. While you are not responsible for creating most of them, you need somebody with an eye for the legal system to look over everything. One of the problems that you can run into is signing a document that is not correct. A lawyer will read over every document that you sign to ensure that it's correct, and they can prevent a mistake from happening.

For example, your mortgage lender may write down the wrong interest rate on the loan paperwork. If this mistake is not caught and you sign the paperwork, you will be legally agreeing to the wrong mortgage interest rate.

Title Search

Your lawyer will also perform a title search for your property, which is the process of making sure that you are legally allowed to buy the property you are trying to purchase. It's a lengthy process, but you need to know what you are looking for during a title search to ensure it is done correctly.

A lawyer will be verifying that the seller of the home is the actual owner, which if not, could make the transaction invalid. Your lawyer will also make sure that the property you are buying doesn't have any easements on it that would prevent you from using the property as you wish. For example, if you have an easement where people are allowed to travel through your property to get to another property, then you cannot put a locked fence around the land that you own.

The most important research that needs to be done is looking into any existing liens on the home you are buying. If the current owner owes back taxes, the house may not be theirs to legally sell.

If you are not sure what a real estate lawyer can do for you, contact one in your area for more information.


22 January 2019

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