Ways You Can Break Your Probation

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Being on probation is a temporary punishment for a person, but it is also a serious thing. When you are placed on probation for a crime, you will need to carefully review all the rules your probation officer gives you. Knowing the rules may help you avoid breaking them, and you should realize that breaking the rules will result in problems. Here are some of the common things you should avoid, as these are all ways that people break their probation.

Failing to show up to scheduled probation officer meetings

The first way you can violate probation is skipping out on your scheduled meetings with your probation officer. Each time you meet with him or her, the officer will set up the next appointment. It is your responsibility to show up to the meeting on time.

If you cannot be there, call in advance to reschedule, and then show up for that meeting. If you do not show up, it will be a violation of your probation, and you will face consequences for this.

Failing to show up to scheduled court hearings

Secondly, when you are on probation, you might still have court hearings you must attend. Failing to go to them is also a common way to break probation. Court hearings are important, and the court can send out a warrant for your arrest if you do not show up when you are supposed to.

Committing a crime while on probation

It is also important to make sure you follow the law when you are on probation. If you are caught committing any type of crime, it will not be a good thing for your probation, as this would be considered a violation.

Being around people you should not be with

When you are on probation, you might not be allowed to go to certain places or hang around certain people. You might not be allowed to have anyone at your house who is also on probation, and there might be other conditions related to this issue that you must follow.

Using drugs or alcohol during this time

The other common way people violate probation is by using drugs or alcohol during this time. This is strictly prohibited for people who are on probation, so you should avoid the use of any type of alcohol or drugs while you are going through this.

If the court finds out that you violated your probation, you should not be surprised if they issue a bench warrant for your arrest. Violating probation is a serious offense, and you can learn more about this by talking to a criminal defense attorney.


13 May 2019

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