Were You Wrongfully Terminated?

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People rely on their jobs to provide the money they need to pay their rent or mortgage and put food on the table. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, and losing their jobs can have disastrous consequences on every aspect of their lives. If you've lost your job for unfair reasons, you may have been wrongfully terminated. Wrongful termination is a legal term which means you've been fired for illegal reasons. Here are four termination reasons that fall under the category of wrongful termination:

1. You were fired for being a member of a protected class.

The law defines several protected classes. You cannot be fired for being a member of a protected class. This means you cannot be fired on the basis of your sex, race, religion, nationality, age, or sexual orientation. Some states extend these protections to other classes. For example, some states include gender identity in the list of protected classes. You can contact a wrongful termination lawyer to find out if you are a member of a protected class.

2. You were fired for refusing to do something illegal.

If your employer asked you to commit a crime during the course of your job, they cannot fire you for refusing to do so. Your employer may not require you to undertake illegal actions as part of your job requirement. If you were fired for this reason, you were wrongfully terminated, and your employer may be subject to further legal action.

3. You were fired for retaliatory reasons.

If you were fired for filing a legal complaint against your employer, that can be considered wrongful termination. The law provides certain protections for employees who file complaints about discrimination or unsafe working conditions. Your employer is not legally allowed to fire you for these reasons. If they do, you can bring a wrongful termination suit against them.

4. You were fired in breach of a contract.

While the most common reasons for wrongful termination transgress laws regarding discrimination, you may have been wrongfully terminated if you were fired in a way that broke a contract you had with your employer. It's important that you keep any contract you sign for your records, since this will help your lawyer prove that you were wrongfully terminated for this reason.

If you were fired from your job for any of these reasons, your employer may have broken the law. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. Contact an attorney who specializes in wrongful termination suits for more information. They can consult with you on your case and if necessary, assist you in building your wrongful termination case so you can get the justice you deserve.


19 October 2019

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