Filing For Disability? Why You Need A Social Security Lawyer

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When you aren't able to work, every penny starts to take on a new meaning. You hesitate to spend money because you don't know when you'll be able to replenish your resources. Filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be a godsend. Receiving the income each month allows you to take care of your personal expenses and support yourself. However, getting approved for disability payments may not be as easy as you think. A relatively large percentage of people are denied for SSDI the first time they file. If you want to avoid becoming part of this statistic, you might want to hire an attorney.

Fill Out Your Paperwork The Right Way

Getting approved for SSDI payments ultimately depends on the quality of your initial filing. If your paperwork isn't filled out correctly, you could wake up one morning to find the dreaded denial letter in the mail. Without guidance or an understanding of what the SSDI administrators are looking for, it could be difficult for you to know how to include the right information so you sail through the first time.

An experienced SSDI attorney can help you in so many ways. They may give you a better idea of what information and supporting documents should be added to your file. Accurate contact information for your doctor is important, along with the date and time of your injury/injuries. You'll be gaining the inside track so that when you do submit your filing, you can be confident that you've given a comprehensive report that is all-inclusive and very thorough.

Assistance Will Be On Deck If You Need To File An Appeal

If you happen to be denied for SSDI, you need to know what steps to take. You don't want to spend unnecessary time feeling down about your situation because you have deadlines in front of you that need to be met.

Your attorney can get to work on your appeal right away. They'll already have all the details about your case, so they should be able to put together your appeal documents and have them submitted before the deadline so you can hopefully get the outcome that you are looking for.

Knowing that you have a skilled person in your corner can truly make the SSDI experience much more enjoyable. Contact a lawyer like Todd East Attorney at Law, and give them the scope of your case so they can partner with you on the SSDI journey. 


18 November 2019

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