3 Top Questions Your Car Accident Lawyer Should Ask You

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When should one hire a car accident lawyer? This is something most people are yet to know. The most appropriate time to hire a car accident lawyer is as soon as possible to increase your chances of winning an injury claim. It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer with many years of experience, licensed, with affordable rates, and most importantly, one you can openly and easily communicate with. 

A car accident lawyer can help you in many ways ranging from handling the insurance company on your behalf, highlighting the actual value of your injuries, and negotiating a fair settlement. With that said, after hiring the right lawyer, you can expect to get asked these top three questions.

When and How Did the Accident Take Place?

To develop a strong case, your car accident lawyer will need in-depth information about the accident. They may begin by asking when the accident took place and how. You are supposed to provide a specific date and, if possible, time. Also state where the accident took place, whether they were any witnesses and many other things.

They will also require you to outline how the accident took place. You want to ensure that you provide all the information you can and documents such as pictures, as specificity about the accident goes a long way in building your case.

Where Did You Receive Medical Care?

Don't be afraid to provide as much detail as you can when answering this question. Your car accident lawyer will want all the details about your medical treatment from when the accident took place, up to date.

If you received medical attention at the accident scene, be sure to highlight that. If you were taken to a nearby hospital, provide the specific name and location and highlight any follow-ups. This is to ensure that they get all the proper medical reports to support your case.

Has the Other Driver Accepted Their Mistake?

Another crucial question your lawyer may ask you is whether the driver at fault has accepted their mistake or whether they have tried to contact you to negotiate any payment. If the other driver accepts they are at fault, this can be more advantageous to your case, but ensure it gets included in the police report.

Additionally, your car accident lawyer may ask about the other driver's insurance policy and limits. This can help know what damages the insurance will cover and the amount available.

These are some of the many questions a car accident lawyer will ask you. So, when working with one, ensure you provide all the needed information for a stronger case.


9 June 2021

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