Prudent Questions to Ask a Dui Lawyer Before Enlisting Their Services

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The first thing that you should do when charged with driving under the influence is to get the right lawyer to represent you. However, hiring a DUI lawyer is not exclusively about finding one at a reasonable price. Rather, there are various things that you need to enquire from potential DUI attorneys so that you can discern which legal professional will be the right fit for you. But if you have never been in this situation before, how can you tell which questions are important to ask and which ones are not? To assist you with that, here are some prudent questions to ask a DUI lawyer before you hire them to take on your case.

What is your specialty?

Before you hire a DUI lawyer for your case, it is vital that you establish if they specialize in this type of law or not. Usually, general practice lawyers can represent their clients when they are charged with a DUI case, but these attorneys may not be the right fit for you, considering that they handle a multitude of other cases. Instead, you should opt for a DUI lawyer that has acquired certifications in this field specifically, as this shows they have a fuller understanding of this type of law than attorneys that do not specialize in it.

Should you go to court or opt for a plea deal?

A plea bargain, in essence, is where the prosecutor will offer you a reduced punishment for your crime as long as you confess to committing it. Whether you agree to this plea deal or not is entirely up to you, and your DUI lawyer should guide your decision. For instance, if the evidence is stacked against you, you may not want to take a gamble and hope for a favorable outcome in court. Instead, a plea bargain may be your only way of getting a minor penalty.

Nonetheless, you should know that agreeing to a plea deal means the DUI charge will be on your record, and one of the ramifications of this is a spike in your car insurance policy. Alternatively, if you choose to go trial and win, the DUI charge is dismissed so you will not be subjected to any penalties nor will the infraction appear on your record. But, the downside of a trial is that even with a savvy DUI attorney, there is no guaranteeing the court's decision will err in your favor.

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16 August 2021

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