3 Problems That Call For A Real Estate Lawyer

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Even if you've dealt with a real estate lawyer before, you may not be aware that they can handle a large range of problems for clients. If you're not sure whether you need to contact a real estate attorney, consider doing so in any of these situations.

Title Searches

Having a clean title for a property is a big deal. Buyers want to know the title is clean to avoid potential legal entanglements. Sellers will want to see a clean title to incentivize buyers. Even long-term owners may need to know what the state of the title is.

A real estate lawyer can conduct a title search. To search a title, you need to pull the records for a property from the county's registry.

You can learn a lot from a title search. The title should include information regarding land, air, water, and mineral rights. If there is a legally binding easement, that will be in there. Similarly, outstanding and unsettled liens and mortgages will be on the title.

If there is a problem, a real estate attorney can file paperwork to try to fix it. For example, a paid mortgage might still be on the title because a bank forgot to file the paperwork. The lawyer will ask a judge to cure the title so it reflects the current state of the property.

Transaction Insurance Policies

If you're buying or transferring a property, you should seek some protection for your financial interests in it. An insurance company can provide a policy to cover potential problems during the transaction process. However, you should ask a real estate lawyer to help you choose the right type of policy for your situation.

Contracts, Sales, and the Closing Process

Given a property deal typically is one of the bigger financial transactions a person will undertake, they will likely want to handle it with care. This includes having a real estate attorney draft a contract for the sale. Also, a buyer may need to make arrangements with a financial institution to cover a mortgage.

Likewise, a lawyer can structure the closing process to protect the rights and interests of their client. This includes using an escrow process to safely transfer the money, title, and keys. A party will deposit the money in escrow. Once the escrow company confirms receipt, they will tell the current owner to transfer the title and keys to the appropriate parties. If a mortgage is involved, this may include an extra step putting the title in the bank's possession to cover the loan. 


13 January 2022

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