Reasons For Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney

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Workers' compensation is an insurance policy that provides medical benefits and wage replacement for injured workers. If you've been injured in the course of your job, you can sue your employer for negligence and get compensation for your injuries. It's essential to involve a lawyer during a workers' compensation claim. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a workers' compensation law attorney. Legal Advice The workers' compensation laws vary depending on your jurisdiction.

2 September 2020

Is Necessity A Good Criminal Defense?

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Some people find themselves in situations where they feel no choice but to commit a criminal act. Perhaps the situation was an emergency that called for you to act in a specific way, making your actions justified. If this happens, you might consider "necessity" as a criminal defense. How would your defense stack up in court? This guide will help you figure out what to do. What Is 'Necessity' as a Criminal Defense?

30 July 2020

Why You Should Hire A Lawyer Soon

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If something has happened to you and you are trying to determine whether or not you should hire a personal injury lawyer, then you really should make an appointment to talk to one. If you think you may have a case, then a lawyer will be able to tell you if this is true. Once they hear your case, they can also decide to take your case and you can get started on the process with them.

3 July 2020

Beat Your Speeding Ticket This Summer

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You were going down the highway when suddenly there were flashing lights behind you. Now you are pulled over on the side of the road waiting for a police officer to finish writing up your speeding ticket. While you are probably irritated or upset, you should know that being pulled over is not the same as being convicted in traffic court. It might still be possible to fight the ticket or get it thrown out.

27 May 2020

Can You Get Sole Custody?

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For many people going through divorce, their first concerns are for their children. How often will they be able to see their children? Divorce can have a serious impact on your relationship with your child, but when you have sole custody you can still be in charge. What Is Sole Custody? Sole custody refers to one parent being the main parent to make decisions for the child. Sole legal custody refers to making decisions about the child's education, medical care, religious development, and more.

24 April 2020

What The Heck Is A Chapter 20 Bankruptcy?

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If you looked in the U.S. bankruptcy code for the term "Chapter 20," you'd discover that it doesn't exist. However, the term is used occasionally by a bankruptcy lawyer to refer to a specific situation. A so-called Chapter 20 filing is one that occurs when someone submits a Chapter 13 application immediately after completing a Chapter 7 case. That may sound a tad crazy, but there's an argument for doing so.

20 March 2020

A Guide To Finding And Working With Personal Injury Attorneys

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If you end up doing battle in the courtroom or negotiating a settlement for a personal injury case, it can be a time where you realize that you will need the help of a seasoned lawyer. By doing business with an attorney that you can count on, this entire process will be a whole lot easier, and you can rely on them to win you your deserved check for pain and suffering, physical injury, and other damages.

18 February 2020