Own Your Own Business? Estate Planning Tips You Need!

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Estate planning can be especially complex if you own your own business. You want to make sure your family is cared for, but it's equally important to make sure your business is also tended to. The following are a few tips than can help you get started when it comes to estate planning as a small business owner. Tip #1: Have a succession plan in place All too often, small businesses fall apart upon the passing of the owner because there is no one else to take over, or too much information pertaining to the business dies with the owner.

27 February 2019

Why You Need The Help Of A Real Estate Lawyer When Buying A Home

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Are you in the process of buying a home and looking to save money? If so, you may have considered not using the help of a real estate lawyer to help save on your home buying expenses. This can be a bad choice that you end up paying for if a mistake is made along the way. Here are a few reasons to use the help of a real estate lawyer, like those at Barrett Twomey Broom Hughes & Hoke LLP, when purchasing a home.

22 January 2019

Useful Knowledge For Those Facing Criminal Charges And Proceedings

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Criminal charges can be serious matters, and those facing these legal challenges will need to be informed and prepared. Otherwise, they could make mistakes that may result in expensive fines or even their freedoms. Why Should An Innocent Person Retain A Defense Attorney? Individuals that are innocent of a crime may assume that there is no need for them to hire a defense attorney as their innocence will be revealed during the investigation.

12 December 2018

Employee Theft: There Are Often Signs

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Employee theft is a real problem that affects a number of small business owners. A loss of revenue is the most significant concern with employee theft, but identifying the theft is often the greatest problem. However, there are some cues that can help you pinpoint this activity. Discover some key indicators that you should not ignore. Working More Often Look for employees that all the sudden want to work more hours, even when the extra workload may not be necessary.

4 November 2018

How To Pass Your Assets To Your Children While You Are Still Alive

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Many people use estate planning to ensure their loved ones benefit from their assets after they die. However, you don't have to die for your children to benefit, legally, from your wealth. Here are a few strategies you can use to ensure that your children can get some of your assets while you are still alive: Give Cash Gifts to the Kids From 2016, parents can give each of their children up to $14,000 tax-free money every year.

26 September 2018

Can I Stop A Divorce?

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When you have begun the divorce process, you may begin to wonder if you have made a mistake. You are able to stop the divorce process at any time, but it depends on the situation you are in. If both parties agree to stop the divorce, the process can be very easy. However, if one party doesn't want to stop the divorce, the process of stopping it can be more difficult.

20 August 2018

Three Ways To Earn A Disorderly Conduct Arrest At A Sporting Event

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Peoples' behavior at sporting events can often get out of control, spurred on by the consumption of alcohol and the living atmosphere around them. In many cases, the event's security officers will escort fans out of the stadium because of bad behavior. In some scenarios, however, police officers who are on the scene may detain and arrest fans who have gone too far. One common charge that rowdy sports fans can earn is disorderly conduct — a charge that commonly encompasses a wide range of bad behavior.

19 July 2018