Credit Repair And Error Resolution Tips

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Credit reporting errors are a common problem for many consumers. If you're struggling with inaccuracies on your credit report, you may not know what to do or how to clear them up. Calling the credit bureau or the creditor can only get you just so far unless you know your rights and the law. Here are a few things you can do to help resolve these types of issues: File A Written Dispute

14 November 2017

What To Do When The Court Denies Your Reaffirmation Agreement

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Approximately 794,960 people filed for bankruptcy in 2016. If you're one of those people and want to prevent a dischargeable debt from being wiped out by your bankruptcy, you can renew your commitment to paying it by signing a reaffirmation agreement with the creditor. Just because you can protect a debt from discharge, however, doesn't mean the court will go along with the scheme. Here are a few reasons why the bankruptcy judge may reject the agreement and your options if that happens.

14 November 2017

Three Ways To Clear Out A Civil Judgement Before Applying For New Credit

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When creditors check your credit report, they typically want to see many good things and as little bad a possible. If you have an old judgment from a civil court case that you have to pay, this could be a major reason why you are turned down for credit. Judgements are entered by courts so that you have to pay back an old debt. If you know that you will need credit soon but you are not sure what to do about the judgment, there is still time to clear it out.

19 October 2017

3 Ways Hiring Legal Professionals Can Save You Money

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One thing you may need to do at some point is to rely on the advice of an attorney. There are numerous situations in life that may demand you do so. From getting a divorce to starting a business, it's essential to take the right steps in accomplishing your goals. The good news is you may save money by relying on the expertise offered by a variety of legal services in your area.

20 September 2017

Estate Planning for Two: Should You Get Two Lawyers?

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When you build a life with another person, you can build up quite a few assets. Although you're hopefully in agreement about what to do with those assets while you're together, it can be more challenging to come to an agreement on what happens to these assets when one or both of you passes away. Some couples choose to use a single estate planner, while others will each choose their own estate planning attorney.

13 September 2017

Car Wreck Missteps To Avoid

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When it comes to car wrecks, knowing that the at-fault driver at least was insured is somewhat reassuring, but this type of compensation does have its limits. Most of the time, auto insurance will pay for your car repair or replacement and for your medical costs, but that is where the coverage will likely end. If you want to be paid for your pain and suffering, your lost wages and other forms of damage sustained due to this wreck you may need to file a lawsuit against the other driver and their insurance company.

6 September 2017

Guardian Opinions: Are They Useful In A Custody Case?

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When going through a custody case, the judge has many pieces of evidence and notes to comb through in order to best determine where the children should live. If a child is cared for by a guardian, they will often take their opinions into consideration during recommendations in temporary hearings, in preliminary reports, or to the parties involved. However, many states will prohibit guardian opinions in the final custody recommendations.

30 August 2017

3 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Custody Case

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Custody battles can be messy, and they're often destructive for both the parents and any children involved. It's best to avoid them if you can, but sometimes you have no choice. If you feel that the kids are in danger with your ex, if your ex is intent on not letting you see the kids, or if you and your ex truly cannot settle on some fair and reasonable custody arrangement, you may have no choice but to fight it out in court – and if you must go that route, it's important to make sure that you put on the best case possible.

22 August 2017

Three Strategies For Your Business Law Needs

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In order to get the most out of your company, it pays to know the ins and outs of business law. When you are on top of your legal needs, you will have the chance to avoid some serious problems and make the most out of your every day company needs. Stay on top of the tips below, so that you are able to find the service of a business law attorney that can take your business to the next level by looking after such matters for you.

9 August 2017

Will Workers Compensation Cover Depression? 2 Things You Need To Know

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When you think of workplace injuries, chances are that you think of acute injuries, like a concussion from being hit by a falling box in an overcrowded storeroom, or chronic repetitive injuries, like developing carpal tunnel syndrome after months or years of sitting behind a desk at a computer. You probably don't think of depression. But depression can be triggered by events that occur on the job, and it may be a compensable injury under worker's compensation laws in your state.

2 August 2017