3 Instances When You Would Be Advised to Get a Prenuptial Agreement

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Prenuptial agreements are a very important part of estate planning. Many times you will see an estate planner about a prenuptial agreement rather than a family lawyer. This is because estate-planning lawyers can help to protect your assets, create trusts for your property, and advise you on ways to safely protect your interests before you enter a marriage. Here are some circumstances in which an estate-planning lawyer would probably advise you to get a prenuptial agreement.

9 November 2015

How To Avoid Delays With Receiving Your Car Registration Paperwork

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Registering your car and getting all of your necessary paperwork in a reasonable amount of time is important if you want to avoid breaking the law while driving your new vehicle. You could worry that there will be some sort of delay with receiving your car registration paperwork, but if you follow these tips, this is not something that you should have to worry about. 1. Bring in Proof of Your Address

16 September 2015

What Is Copyright Law?

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If you are interested in intellectual property, then you probably have some basic familiarity with the terms patent, copyright, and trademark. However, you might not be sure of what exactly differentiates these terms from one another. To help you out, here is an in-depth explanation of what a copyright is. What Is A Copyright? A copyright specifically covers the authorship of a book, movie, video game, or other form of media.

11 August 2015

Tips For Managing And Improving Your Credit

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There are many strategies that you can take to build up a poor credit history or to create a great credit history for the first time. Here are some favorite methods for improving your credit score.  Opening Lines of Credit Opening new lines of credit can be helpful for those who wish to build their score. One portion of your credit score has to do with the amount of credit you have access to, compared with the amount of credit you're actually using.

22 July 2015

What's Your Alibi? Two Sources to Track Where and When

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If you've been accused of a criminal act that you didn't commit, don't underestimate your accusers. It could be an honest misunderstanding from overzealous people in distress, or you could be dealing with someone crafty enough to set you up for failure. Don't say or do anything incriminating, but as you get in contact with a criminal defence lawyer, start thinking of a couple of ways to track down your time and location to put you safely away from the scene of the crime.

2 July 2015

Considering Applying For Expungement? Here's What You Need To Know

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Do you have a misdemeanor on your record? If so, and if it's been awhile (several years or more) since your conviction, did you know that you might be eligible for expungement? Specifically, expungement refers to the process of having your criminal record sealed so that you can legally answer "no" to the question "have you ever been convicted of a crime?" An expungement can improve your life greatly, especially when it comes to your employment prospects, but there are some things you need to know before you apply for it.

10 June 2015

The Thin Line Between Social Media And Your Personal Injury Claim

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Today, more and more people are using social media to find people from their past and to stay connected to friends and family. If you are a person who has a pending personal injury lawsuit, your social media activities could negatively impact your personal injury case. This does not mean that you need to close all of your social media accounts. You do need to be mindful of a few things about your social media accounts though.

15 May 2015

Spousal Support Could Help You Survive Financially After A Divorce

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Getting divorced is probably not what you thought would happen when you got married; however, things change and divorces happen. As you begin going through the divorce process, you may be concerned with how you will support yourself after the divorce is final, especially if you were not the main provider in the household. If you qualify, you might be able to get a judge to order your spouse to pay you spousal support after the divorce, which could help you pay your bills.

24 April 2015

How To Prove Yourself A Fit Parent During A Child Custody Battle

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If you are going through a child custody battle, you probably know how particularly nasty these cases can become. For example, you might have been accused of being an unfit parent who isn't capable of taking care of your child. To convince the judge that you do deserve custody, you might have to prove that these accusations are not true. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to show that you are, in fact, a fit parent who takes good care of your kid.

8 April 2015

Terminating A Residential Lease Before The Official End Date

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It's not uncommon for someone to rent a home or apartment--after all, it's easier, cheaper, and more affordable for individuals who are hoping to save their earnings towards buying a home in the future. Getting into a residential lease (a contractual agreement between the renter and the landlord) isn't hard most of the time, but what do you do when you need to get out of a contract before the official end date?

19 March 2015